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The sntvessful competitor has not yet beeu announced. If the war settled anything it settled tbi that neither law nor constitution here can recognize race in any way, or in any circumstances. li S houk with piano-forte (accompaniment, four large in-stiitmeiital works, e.'yht marches and one sonata for piano. r a protest against the Civil Kighu but which I'pased the Senate, because it sanctions separate schvj! He say : "Have we buried a milhou men and spent $ii, OWj Kijiiiti without learning that we cauuot tamper with tlie principles which underlie our wnnal and civil system ?

The strike t t wenty thousand coal producers iu mid winter wtuld Ik a public misfortune. At Chester, England, a woman was re cently tried for killing her husband.

A contemporaneous Oriental freak is that of the King of Siain, who has h U-ruted about a million slaves beca use he got tired of see ing tnem crawling uelore mm on ineir knees.

The Turkish dignitary who lords it over the island of Crete has recently issued a bombastic order forbidding any one to come into his presence iu boots.

The custom should be discontinued at once, and young men should be warned in season against this most pernicious practice.

The wonder is, that there are Ttny men left nho have full suits of hair. Aaaota January 1, 1873, - - - 8,351.56 1 1 I'm DAILY from 6 to o'clock, aud SAT-IT it It AY EVENING, from May 1st to November l-t, from 7 to V o'clock, and from November 1st lo Ms?

Office, 116 BMITH FIELD STREET (td Floor)) Meilon-B Building. Iteyond the prices of l HHo, and that wages, though apparently a little more, are actually less sufficient V provide the necea-ries and comforts of life than fifteen years a;o. a strike occurs, it will be partly the fault of both sides, for some soit of a compromise is possible by which the woik of production can go forward.

The miners resolved that there should lie au oen meeting between the delegates and the ofrat-nrn, and a circular was adopted addressed to the operators, showing the fallacy of the argument that the cost of living had declined to ante-war prices, asserting that the cost of living now was from :i5 to 45 per cent.

and therefore, although the jury convicted, he made tuc loiiowmg unique address to the critn uial: "Ail the real right m tins case was on your side, all the real wrong on your husband's, and Gttd forbid that 1 should punish you. I will not allow it to c said by anybody that you are a convicted felon, for a conviction is not complete until a sentence is passed, and I mean to past no sentence at all.

At last in a moment of ungovernable irritation she threw a- sharpened steel at him, struck hmi. 1 he Judge l-elieved from the evidence that the con se-tpi nees of the act were deeply deplored by th wife, that he did all in her power to aid the man after wounding him.

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