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Open from 7am to 7pm, closed for lunch 13.15 to 13.45. Khanabad: Border crossing on the road between Jalal-Abad and Andijon.Update: May 2013, Jalalabad- Khanabat border is closed.

1000 KZT would be a reasonable price for a seat in the car. Konysbayeva / Yalama: The place to cross for self-drivers coming to Tashkent.

Advised to use the main Shymkent-Tashkent highway or Yalama. Once cleared, it’s a 10 minute, no shade walk (if you don’t have a car or bicycle) from the Kyrgyz side to the Uzbek side.

On the Uzbek side, minibuses pass by on their way to Uch-Kurgan town center for 1500 som (if you have Uzbek som, there are no money changers).

A forum thread details the different experiences travelers had around this time in 2016.

To see the location of the border posts, check the Silk Road border crossing map on the overview page.

For more info on registering yourself, check out registration in Uzbekistan and the Uzbekistan visa chapter.

To learn more about getting around Uzbekistan, see transport in Uzbekistan.

Otherwise, taxis are waiting who can change money (if you ride with them) and can drive to Uch Kurgan or Namangan. Dostyk/Dustlyk: Main border crossing on the road between Osh and Andijon.

Public transport and shared taxis are available on both sides.

Make sure you do not have any of these substances in any medication, and to have the right boxes and usage manuals for all your medication.

Prescriptions are a must if it is anything outside of a standard pill.

From Shymkent: You can pick up a shared taxi to the border here, but make sure it is going to Zhibek Zholy, not Yalama! It’s not as convenient as Chernayevka, but should you be here without your own transport, at a guess the simplest route from Uzbekistan would be to get to Chinaz and jump in a car to Yalama.

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