Ploy dome dating

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Ploy dome dating

There are people who are cheering for us to get back together and I’m happy if people are still cheering for us, I’m happy for all the support but right now we’re still friends and we still love each other the same, but not as lovers, just friends Ploy and Paint don’t interfere with me in this sense. However, if some other people can’t see that, which is possible, like hey they’re ex lovers! I don’t think I need to clarify (sigh) if you ask if we will accept work together often, well I don’t think people will hire us often, if they do, Ploy will you accept?

When she trips I might hold her hand a little, it’s all because I’m taking care of her.They return to date again, but recent news has it that handsome singer “Dome Pakorn” and girlfriend “Guzjung Jirantanin” is finally over.The reason for their breakup is that in the past, his parents do not like her very much but they came back together because of her business.We respect each other and Paint knows that I’m working with Ploy today and she didn’t say anything Like I said we’re not like other couples.Even though we’ve broken up, we can still be sweet with each other (laughs) and when I say sweet, I don’t mean our feelings for each other…Ploy can you please explain?Despite their display of sweetness, Dome says his new girlfriend Paint won’t get jealous.

I decided to wear this ring because he gave it to me.But because she makes her own money, she’d spend it. The both of us feel we should come back strong as a couple. I’m not sure myself, but we certainly have a better understanding of each other. We try to spend as much time as possible with one another, so that the time we spend apart is less than before.Therefore maybe what she wants to change is my unfaithful nature? We can still be sweet and if you ask if I’m a little shy, yes I am a little.We’ve taken a step back and from the beginning we were friends with each other and then we became lovers.It is now impossible that there will be a return for the third time.

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