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Dinesh arrived to Ferndale with the intention of marrying Shanti as was planned by their parents and quickly got a job at the hospital.

In 2009 Jimmy's daughter Rebecca (Marise Wipani) announced Jimmy had run away and was in huge debt.She debuted as a recurring character in early 2008 before returning later in the year and featuring in several key storylines.Morgan was interested in the shy Joey but the two's romance never took off and Morgan left town when she discovered he was a murderer.Scotty tried to desperately talk her out of it and after another brief flirtation with Sunil, he left her when he discovered the truth.Rebecca began to work for Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt), but Sean (Thijs Morris) introduced drugs to the business and Rebecca quit in December to pursue a moral career in Wellington.Jessie Scott was the young son of Rebecca (Marise Wipani).

In 2009 his uncle Scotty (Kiel Mc Naughton) and his wife Shanti (Nisha Madhan) offered to adopt him but were rejected.In 2009 her uncle Scotty (Kiel Mc Naughton) and his wife Shanti (Nisha Madhan) offered to adopt her but were rejected.In 2011 Amy met her grandmother Hine Ryan (Rena Owen).She returned months later when it was revealed she was buying his items online and soon started up a relationship with Gerald Tippett (Harry Mc Naughton).However, Gerald's asexuality caused the couple to break up, and Morgan briefly dated Hunter (Lee Donoghue).However, Morgan eventually decided to give the babies back and separated from Gerald.

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