Dating sheet music

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Dating sheet music - bible study guide for dating couples

Here’s a sample of what’s there now: a book of Stephen Foster melodies, traditional Kentucky folk songs, and an introduction to Hawaiian style ukulele.

You can subscribe to an RSS feed that lets you know what free sheet music has been added.

Using what you find: All scores and text that reside on the CPDL’s server are licensed under a variant of the GPL-GNU license (an open-source license). It means you can copy, distribute (for free or fee), perform, record, and modify a score freely.

But any distribution you make (even of your own modified version) must be licensed under the same conditions. Not all the scores listed on this site reside on the CPDL server.

The terms state that Brown University Library isn’t aware of any US copyright or any other restrictions on the documents in this collection, so you’re probably all set. if you intend to copy or use any of the material, you are responsible for determining its copyright status.

Also, some of the sheet music covers include photographs of popular performers of the day — reproduction of those materials What’s there: Collection of 2000 pieces of sheet music published in California between 18, maintained by the Museum Informatics Project, UC Berkeley.

Using what you find: Much of the sheet music you’ll find through this site is in the public domain, but not all, and the copyright status of some works may be disputed. (They claim it will be protected by copyright through 2030.

For example, is offered as a public domain work ... That might not be correct, but it’s a detail you should know.) Since this is a directory site, you’ll come across a number of different licenses (Creative Commons, Mutopia BSD, CPDL) plus all-rights-reserved copyright ... So be sure to check the terms for any piece you want to use.

You can search the collection or browse by title, uniform title, genre, or dedicatee.

Using what you find: All materials are in the public domain.

And if you intend to reproduce any of the scores in a commercial project, you must get permission and pay a use fee. (Looks like the public domain is becoming the “noncommercial use only” domain ...) What’s there: Large site offering free sheet music (over 9000 scores at last count), with a special focus on choral music.

You’ll find scores, texts and lyrics, translations, and information about composers.

Using what you find: All editions from this site may be freely copied and used for public performances under terms of the Creative Commons license.

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