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Here award-winning erotic journalist and sexpert Alix Fox and author Emily Nagoski reveal eight easy ways to prolong her pleasure.1. Ann Summers has released a new range of rechargeable, fully-waterproof toys called Moregasm, and according to Alix, they work in a way that can give women a brand new type of pleasure.“Moregasm toys harness the power of low frequency vibrations.“These pass more easily and more deeply into the body, reaching areas and stimulating places and nerve endings that standard toys don’t usually hit."The result?GIVE HER G-SPOT SOME A ATTENTION "Stimulating the G-spot can produce a climax that feels very different from an orgasm achieved by massaging the clitoris – and it can go on longer, too, delivering wave after wave of pleasure," says Alix.“If you want to explore G-spot sensations for yourself, first you’ll need to know where this particular ‘moan zone’ is.“In most ladies, the G-spot is about 1-2 inches inside the vaginal opening, on the front of the vaginal wall – the bit closest to your bellybutton."It’s usually about the size of a 10 pence piece, and shaped like a bean - a kidney bean, not a string bean, or Sean Bean."“Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up a little when a woman is aroused, as blood rushes into it and plumps it up."As well as feeling ‘puffier’ or ‘spongier’ than the surrounding flesh, the G-spot can also feel a tad rougher."The Ann Summers Moregasm G-Spot toy is specially curved to hit this very area.“Try gently thrusting it in and out, or moving it in small circles or a rocking motion,” added Alix. Huge potential for ladies to experience longer, stronger, and new types of orgasm – even if sex toys haven’t worked for them in the past.”The Moregasm range includes four different toys in different shapes, but the Moregasm Rabbit is a good first choice.“The Rabbit is a classic shape, designed to stimulate a woman internally and externally: the shaft goes inside her vagina, while the ‘rabbit ears’ tickle her clitoris."3.

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Thus, a small difference for one education system may be significant while a larger difference for another education system may not be significant.

This is one of several such protests recently in Kenya, where prostitution is illegal.

The peaceful protesters also reportedly called for access to health care.

Remember, this study doesn't say that single parents are having more sex than married parents.

Although, or more realistically, married couples without children or married couples trying to have children probably have more sex than anyone else on earth.

NOTE: Education systems are ordered by male-female difference in average score.

Italics indicate participants identified and counted in this report as an education system and not as a separate country.We've all heard of the illusive multiple orgasm, but what about the 60-second climax?Apparently a one minute orgasm can be achieved, according to Emily Nagoski, Ph.Participants that did not administer PIRLS at the target grade are not shown; see the international report for their results.All Florida-USA data are based on public school students only.A new study from The Kinsey Institute has found that single parents of children younger than age 5 date and are sexually active as often as singles without children — and more often than single parents of older children.

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