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I remember, one day I noticed a big fuss near the west entrance of Shinjuku station.

But Mei and the girls are now on the run from the powerful group.Awesome doesn't begin to describe this office heroine. Check back as we will be updating if we get more details. I sure have, because my grandma’s been dead for 10 years. A 21-year-old Dublin-native named Laura can speak to this. There are certain rules every bro should abide by when sending schlong snaps–namely never go full erect, always leave a couple inches to be desired. She matched with him on Tinder and he wasted no time sending unsolicited dick pictures with the ease the rest of us send “How was your weekend?Meanwhile, Mei's boyfriend Michio (Kōji Wada) wants to join some right-wing nationalists, the Seiyu Group.

To prove himself, he induces an old friend Kelly (Ken Sanders) to throw a boxing match so the Seiyu Group can cash in betting against him.Tough girl biker Ako (pop singer Akiko Wada) comes across Mei (Meiko Kaji) and her girl gang (the Alleycats/Stray Cats) as they are about to have a knife fight in Shinjuku, Tokyo with another gang of girls.When the second gang calls in their boyfriends for help, Ako joins in and turns the tide for Mei and her gang and becomes a leader figure for the girls.Odds are, the majority of us have a dick pic in someone’s possession at this very moment. Also, only send dick pics to people you’d let watch your dog for a weekend. ” Laura then took to Twitter to relay her epiphany, which was posted on Facebook and has received over 128,000 likes: Laura, if you’re reading this, a live tweet story of the moment your sleazeball boss realizes he tried to woo you with his yogurt slinger would be greatly appreciated. Whether it be in the hands of trusted lover or the person whose number you found on the bathroom stall at a Jersey Turnpike rest stop, you’ve probably sent more dick pics in the past year than you’ve made calls to your grandmother. If you’re shooting off prick pics to anyone with a smart phone, you’re setting yourself up to get burned. Never, ever, EVER should anyone who isn’t of legal age ever send a picture to anyone that is in any way even remotely suggestive.