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Sex(ed): The Movie captures the humor, shock and vulnerability people face when learning about sex, through the lens of the often hilarious, only ...See full summary » Compilation of several episodes of Sex Court, an erotic show that parodies cable court shows.

The release of Sex, with its provocative title and explicit scenes of seduction and debauchery, made it the subject of controversy among censors and commentators.Michelle Mosley and Eleese Longing are spot on from the very first mark.While the situation seems bizarre, it does kind of remind me of the intense passion of being in your early twenties, where people aren't always kind with their emotions or those of others and manipulation just for the fun of it isn't unknown.Judge Julie listens to the plaintiffs' cases, all related to some sexual theme, then dispenses her own sexy brand of justice. See full summary » With a new book deal, a fabulous apartment and a stable relationship, psychologist turned sex expert Kate Langford is living her dream."Gray's Anatomy" meets "Swingers" in this medical comedy as medical intern Ron Wilson plots to become Chief Resident with the help of Ivy League reject Steven Powell. But when her publisher pairs her up with the arrogant...The film is a morality story on the evils of marital infidelity and the wild lifestyle of New York actors.

At the same time, the film included scenes of seduction and debauchery that made it the subject of controversy over its prurient content.Overman is in his private box watching Renault perform her seductive "Spider Dance".Renault comes on stage dressed as a spider, "clad in a translucent cloak of webs wrapped cloak-like around a body-hugging black sheath".Fuck Mature is home to the hottest mature models and it's committed to providing you with excellent quality hardcore adult content.Its huge and still growing collection of excellent quality hardcore mature adult content is something that real mature porn lovers wouldn't want to miss..At first it really feels stilted, but as the action speeds up, the film making becomes really quite good.

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