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According to a release, Murphy's contract option was not renewed."I'm saddened of course to be released from my contract," Murphy said in a statement."I'm very grateful and proud to have been part of such an extraordinary television show, "Thank you to the dancers and choreographers who inspired and enriched my life every week; to the crew and producers, especially James Breen, Jeff Thacker, and Nigel Lythgoe, I thank you for believing in me," her statement reads.

Mary Murphy, along with fellow judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, and host Cat Deeley, are part of the magic of “So You Think You Can Dance.” They’re the Dream Team.There is a lot of beautiful dancing on “SYTYCD,” what with the combination of some incredibly talented contestants, and some amazing choreographers.However, audiences tend to connect with certain styles more than others.They often had opposing viewpoints, and very different opinions, and their passionate debates helped us to see what was both good and bad about a routine.And as they defended their case to each other, they got to defend it to us, as well.But over time, anything good enough to make Mary shriek could earn you a ticket to ride.

What will Season 12 be without the Hot Tamale Train?It’s just not going to be the same tuning in each week without our girl Mary.She’s brought so many wonderful things to “So You Think You Can Dance,” and these are just a few reasons we’re going to miss her.Her passion for dance was evident every week, and she taught us how to love it even more.Admit it: when you first tuned in to the show, and beheld your first enthusiastic Mary Murphy review, you may have found her a bit … But oh how quickly you came to look forward to her shrieks of excitement, because aren’t we shrieking just as loudly, at home on the couch?Losing a piece of the puzzle will change the whole feel of the show.