Vision cocktail speed dating

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Vision cocktail speed dating - koyuki matsuyama

Berlin explained that men find women’s voices to be more attractive when women are ovulating.The second round was touch, inspired by studies revealing that mutual touch can be linked to elevated heart rates and, of course, intimacy in general.

A few weeks ago, I put on something nice and braved the New York City cold to attend an event that promised to turn attraction into a science. Either way, it involved relying on smell, hearing, taste, touch, and movement—every sense but sight—to suss out potential love interests. It was hosted by Guerilla Science, a group dedicated to “revolutionizing” how people experience science by making it accessible.

“A lot of times, people don’t follow their gut, they follow who they they should be with. The plan was to loosen up with a cocktail and mingling before heading to a “secret location” for the main event, where we would be blindfolded. Inside the bar, we surveyed our Sensory Speed Dating comrades while we had the chance.

What looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily correspond to who we’d be most compatible with.” In ads for the event, organizers enticed “brave singles” to rely on their senses to reach “a new awareness of the dynamic unconscious” and “unlock the secrets of human attraction.” You never know, they said, you might even “get lucky.” Dynamic unconscious? One of the evening’s rules was to bring a friend of the same gender, both to participate and take turns acting as a guide while the other person was blindfolded. The crowd was refreshingly diverse, from a young physics professor to a dude who looked like he walked a Marc Jacobs show.

In the fourth round, smell, participants were instructed to do jumping jacks to break a sweat—then smell each other from neck to armpit, putting into practice the famous Swiss T-shirt study, which claims women can gauge genetic compatibility just from taking a whiff of a shirt worn by a dude for two nights.

, to gauge not only if they had rhythm, but compatible rhythm.

Take a measure of sexy, 2 parts flirty, a shot of fun, shake it up and voila! If you like the finer things in life, love a good night out and something thats a bit different, edgy and cool then our new cocktail making nights for single people just like you, will be right up your street. You walk over the wooden footbridge that's fringed with foliage and the bar area unfurls in front of you.

Wicker tables transport you straight to an upmarket Hawaiian holiday resort and the long bar on your left leads your gaze through to the small flight of steps at the far end.People were definitely willing to break these comfort boundaries.” The evening resulted in fifty out of a total of 150 matches.Afterward, organizers sent daters their matches, and if they really were interested, Guerrilla Science would facilitate the exchange of information.“It was interesting how open people were,” she said.“We normally have these boundaries in terms of personal space that are just kind of cultural.With the setting sorted its the content of the cocktail thats most important!