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One thing that I should’ve done was more practice interviews.I overestimated my interviewing ability and therefore did not practice much on my first one or two interviews, which unsurprisingly, did not go so well.

As far as scheduling, I found out-of-state schools to be more open to moving around interview dates than I had originally anticipated.

Evan Laveman, DGSOM MS3 When preparing for interviews, I tried to not take a very detailed approach.

I didn’t want to get so bogged down by researching question types, strategies, and anecdotes that I would lose sight of how to naturally relate to people and genuinely compel them.

On SDN, there was a list of questions that interviewers asked, broken down into categories like “most interesting question” or “most difficult question”.

With that in mind, I made a list of questions that I thought were relevant to pretty much every interview (

Just get to the point where you become completely natural in discussing yourself with a wide variety of people.

You want these interviews to be interactive, so you want to know yourself far beyond just a monologue that you’ve memorized and rehearsed.