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I learned a lot and enjoyed a little exposure to statistics and computer programming. I like him (as well as love him) and we had a good time catching up.


He enjoyed meeting my family, though it provoked a little anxiety, and I was very happy that he was more-or-less at ease.We DC residents should get to vote for two senators--any two senators we like. " Jay said, "Let me get this straight, you're saying,'re saying, go to the polls and just get a list and vote for any two? I posited that someone would have to get the DC voters organized so our votes would be meaningful.Also, it seemed that it would be our interest to vote for candidates from less populous states (Wyoming, here we come! A: Kara, would you be interested in going to dinner again this Friday? B: It would be better for me to just deal with getting my work done, but thank you for a lovely dinner. I never felt that worry I sometimes do when presenting a boyfriend to friends or family.

Curt is a decent guy, but more than that, he is extremely well-behaved in social situations. I'm the same way with strangers, but with my family, I don't have to watch myself, they are used to me.)We had such a good time, despite a moment of snappishness from me at the train station, that we ended up spending Sunday night together too. Last, I did way way more shopping than I'd anticipated. Two new pieces of practical lingerie, a diary/planner for 2010, a Moleskine "city book" for New York (came in very handy--no regrets), two paperbacks, and two skiens of sock yarn.It was a little awkward but nowhere near as gut-wrenching as it wouldn't have been if he hadn't shown up on my doorstep the other week.I felt a little bad about leaving just minutes after he arrived but that was my plan and I stuck with it. B: Mike, I enjoyed your company, but I am getting ready to graduate soon. A: Maybe I could help you with what you need to get done. B: I can't really deal with any distractions right now, but I appreciate the nice evening we spent together. A: Kara, I had a great time the other night and was wondering if you would like to go out again this weekend. A: Maybe we could just meet for coffee or something. I really need to focus on getting packed and ready to move back home.

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