Sari lankan shcool kallo

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Sari lankan shcool kallo

The four houses are Eaton, Langdon, Lawrance, and Sansom.

In 1873, the need of a school in connection with Wesleyan Mission work was urged by Samuel Langdon and so a Day and Boarding school was built in Katukele, Kandy Sri Lanka.The Science society is proud to mention that most of the respectable academics that we see today, were the active members of the Science Society of Girls' High School Kandy. A In 2005 The society organized a night camp called "Wishwaye nim walalu sisara".Since its official launch in 1997, The Astronomical Society has successfully contributed to many events, and has rendered many great endeavors not only to the School, but also to the whole nation, making the field of Astronomy more & more popular in Sri Lanka. Through this camp the students could improve their knowledge in Astronomy and develop their observation skills .The kindergarten and Std 2 shifted to Trinity College, Std 3 and 4 were housed at the YWCA opposite the police station and the senior girls at the YWCA near the Kandy lake. Calveriey had a busy time cycling from one place to another supervising the classes, so she invested in a scooter which made her day easier.In 1917 the first company of Girl Guides was formed on the island, and the school was the first to play netball in Sri Lanka.The third Astronomical Night organized by the society, "In Quest for Visibility" was held successfully.

The Drug Prevention Unit of Girls' High School is another active unit of the school.

The Society introduced the Ruth Allen challenge trophy.

By coming first in the Astronomical quiz competition, Dharmaraja College won the Ruth Allen challenge Trophy.

The school was opened in 1879 at the Wesleyan school chapel adjoining the Girls' Boarding School, Katukele - Kandy, under the management of Mrs Langdon.

Miss Payne, the next principal arrived in Colombo on 31 July 1879 but left the school in 1880.

Thus from its inception Girls' High School, The Astronomical society has become one of the few leading Astronomical societies in Sri Lanka. Because the society organized a night camp called "Astro Eve 2001" for the first time in a Girls' school in Sri Lanka, with all island participation. In 2003 participated in the High School walk organized by the S. Also in 2005 the society conducted a successful stall in the educational exhibition " Elysium 2005" which was organized by the school.

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