7 signs you are dating the right person

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7 signs you are dating the right person - dating as a adolescence

You Are Happier When He’s Around Your boss yelled at you in front of your colleagues, your best friend is freezing you out, you’re feeling sick or depressed – the worst things to happen are happening and, yet, when he’s around, they’re easier to take.

Good communication is a sign that you’re with the right person.This includes foundational compatibility and romantic compatibility.You’d better both enjoy to “Netflix and chill” on Friday nights, or one of you is going to be bored to tears for the rest of your life.You shouldn’t have to wear a mask in front of loved ones.One of the reasons you love them is because you can be your absolute self around them, without filters. In fact, your flaws may be why you’re so special to them.You are with your future husband when you find you no longer have to be “on,” and you’re completely comfortable around each other in any circumstance.3.

You Have the Same Sense of Humor Laughter really is the best medicine, and life is rough, so you’ll need to take this medicine routinely.

Active listening – responding effectively and openly to each other’s speech – demonstrates you care about your partner’s thoughts and feelings.

And, in the end, the strength of this caring is the biggest sign that you’re with your future husband.

Though opposites do often attract, to put it simply, compatibility is necessary to extending a relationship’s life expectancy.

You must want the same things and, at the core, have similar values or at least be able to accommodate your partner’s differences.

You’re Proud of Each Other Not only are you proud of each other in the sense of encouraging each other’s passions and genuinely basking in each other’s accomplishments, but you are proud to show each other off to your family and friends.

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