Teenage dating in 2016

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Teen Dating Few words spark more concern for a parent.

Try to create opportunities that allow for natural conversation such as watching TV or riding in the car.

Realize that when your teen wants to engage, it may not be a convenient time for you.

If, however, you put them off, that opportunity may be gone; when are ready to talk, your teen may not be. (Pickhardt, 2011) During these conversations, it is important to sharpen your active listening skills.

Parents worry about an increase in risky behavior and the drama that can come with dating. Who-likes-whom scenarios and their implications raise prickly self-esteem and judgment issues, which are especially tricky to navigate in middle school and high school. Sixty-one percent of teens, ages 13-18, say they have been in a relationship, dated someone, or “hooked up.” (IDVSA.org, n.d.) Sadly, violence in teen dating is also a reality.

The CDC reports that 1 in 10 high school students experienced physical violence from a dating partner in the past year.

(IDVSA.org, n.d.) Ask open-ended questions that allow your teen to explore and express her emotions. Do let your teen know that you sincerely want to hear what else they have to say.

(Pickhardt, 2011) Lastly, be respectful of your teen’s thoughts, opinions and ideas, even if you disagree with what they are saying.

Rather than making judgmental comments, offer realistic strategies for dealing with problems.

(IDVSA.org, n.d.) 7 Signs of a healthy relationship We all put on different ‘masks’ depending on who we are with, but for teens building an identity, it can be very difficult to find that healthy medium between accommodating the people around them and remaining true to their own thoughts and feelings.

Dealing with intense romantic emotions on top of anxieties about schoolwork, money, activities, jobs or ongoing education is lot to handle at any age.

Adolescence is a time of testing the fuzzy boundary between expressing one’s individuality and fitting in, and dating adds another layer of complication to that.

Your teen will probably behave differently around their partner than they do around you, but their behavior should not be unrecognizable, nor should they be professing opinions that are polar opposites of what they normally hold. When they do, they each have an opportunity to talk until both are happy and able to move on.