Dating at 21

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You should know this was not by choice; in fact my lack of love life was not for lack of trying. It was like I hadn’t been allowed access into a club that not only my friends had gained access to, but also the whole world.

Mail Online have contacted Marc's representatives for comment.

Marc Ries lehrt Medientheorie und Ästhetik an der HGB Leipzig und im Studiengang Multi Media Art der Fachhochschule Salzburg.

Hildegard Fraueneder lehrt Kunstwissenschaft an der Universität Mozarteum und im Studiengang Multi Media Art der Fachhochschule Salzburg und ist Leiterin der Galerie 5020 in Salzburg.

As a teenager, I felt like an oddball around my friends.

When it came to relationships, dating and romance, I could only live vicariously through others.

At the end of the day, the only guaranteed lifelong relationship we have is with ourselves, so why not learn to love myself?

The time I would have spent investing in a romantic relationship, I instead invested in friendships, school and furthering my creativity.

And in my case, well, I was just obsessed with having one.

Unrequited “love” was something I knew all too well and I was convinced that what I was missing in my life was a boyfriend. It wasn’t until college that I embraced my singleness and stopped looking for my “other half,” which is good because now, four years later, I don’t believe such a person exists.

Der Band spürt der medial gelenkten Verabredungskultur unserer Zeit nach, legt ihre kultur- und medienhistorischen Ursprünge offen und befragt die über Dating-Plattformen regulierte Trieb-, Affekt- und Liebesorganisation.

Weitere Themen sind die im Netz als Kompetenzdiskurs geführte Arbeitssuche, die ›geteilte‹ Selbstdarstellung, die Verabredung zum politischen Protest sowie die Eigentumsverhältnisse im Web 2.0.

Sources told TMZ the singer was 'immediately smitten' with the model after meeting at a dinner party.

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