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Isn't it illegal for Saudi women to do anything without the express permission of their closest male relative? tortugamon They carry two Captains and one First Officer on long flights so as one pilot at a time may have the required rest period.Were they allowed through immigration by themselves? There has to be two Captains as there always must be a Captain in the left seat.

We will not sell, rent, or share your personal information.G'day From the looks of those ceiling panels on this 787 about to fall off it appears they had a rough landing.Or maybe this is one of those terrible teens with Homedepot hardware where bit and pieces do not quite fit? Royal Brunei Airlines’ first ever all-female aircraft crew must have felt as if they were flying back in time during their maiden voyage.The women flew from Brunei to Jeddah, the second city of Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world where women are prohibited from driving. It was operated by Captain Sharifah Czarena and Senior First Officers Dk Nadiah Pg Khashiem and Sariana Nordin.I think that if they were embarrassed then the law would have changed by now... Two Captains can occupy both seats but the First Officer can only occupy the right seat except in an emergency when the Captain is incapacitated when flying an aircraft that only has a two man flight crew.

Quoting NWAROOSTER (Reply 28): There has to be two Captains as there always must be a Captain in the left seat.

Do some research before you make such asinine comments.

Quoting 9w748capt (Reply 14): Ironic on so many levels. Did the crew have male relatives onboard with them?

Per the All Things 787 blog and its tables, RBA has 4 787s so far and all of them were assembled in Everett.

I don't understand the propensity to cast aspersions on the quality of work done in Charleston.

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