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I think she’s creating a character who in an institution.

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Throw in the images of collars around her neck and straitjackets getting tighter around her body, and I start to think she’s not even using metaphors to talk about being an outcast. Listen to “Better Off Dead,” the hot new song from ZZ Ward, for an example of the latter.Over a spare, spooky beat, Ward’s voice slithers through speakers like warm honey, dark and rich.Her red heels and matching hat added a pop of color to her look.She finished out the look with few swipes of eyeliner and mascara, peach blush and a dash of nude glossy lipstick.She encouraged the crowd to make the most of their Friday night and dance to "If I Could Be Her," taking plenty of her own advice in the process.

The night culminated in a single encore, the drum-driven "Blue Eyes Blind" allowing Ward to show her complete vocal range and versatility as an artist.And since she’s singing about being crazy, immediacy is really important.I’m fascinated by the lyrics here: Ward sounds incredibly paranoid, talking about how she’s not crazy, despite what people say.Her plugged-in set kicked off in high gear with "Put the Gun Down" and "Til the Casket Drops" leading toward "Rain on My Window" - her own take on "I Can't Stand the Rain" offering a combination of Ann Peebles' and Missy Elliot's verions.An acoustic interlude mid-set was comprised of "Last Love Song" and "Charlie Ain't Home." From there, Ward veered into the blues with a cover of Son House's "Grinnin' In Your Face" and her own "Lil Darlin" showing off her harmonica skills.She kept the jewellery to a minimum, wearing only a huge ring.