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The new study measured the magnitude of the effect of one platform on HIV infection rates in one state, and offered a detailed look at the varying effects on subpopulations by race, gender and socio-economic status.

'While there is a general belief that connectivity is good on average, unfortunately 'on average' means that some people are going to benefit more and others are going to lose more,' Agarwal says.

Women, wealthier individuals susceptible Another counterintuitive result was that more cases came from non-Medicaid patients, the wealthier patients, than from the population covered by the government program.

That was the case even though the base rate of HIV infection is higher among lower-income citizens.

327 Hwy 61 Faywood, NM 88034 575-536-2800 (Park Office) Website CG Site Map There are a total of 42 sites with no hookups scattered among the wonderful boulders, most of which are large pull-throughs. The greatest thing about the no hookup sites here is how up close and personal you can get to the rock formations. This is toward the front of the campground, with RV in Site #5.

Around the bend, I had to laugh at Site #7, when I thought I hope that balanced rock stayed balanced!

Smith School of Business and founding director of the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS), and Brad N. The study also found that the new HIV cases came disproportionately from one racial-ethnic group, African Americans, who accounted for some 63 percent of the new cases.

'That is a bit of paradox,' says Agarwal, 'because research suggests that the African American community is one which uses the Internet the least, even though the gap is narrowing.' Greenwood described African Americans as suffering the effects of a 'double digital divide.' He said, 'Not only have studies shown there is lower utilization of the Internet for welfare-enhancing activities, but now there's evidence of utilization for negative activities as well.' Craigslist phased rollout a 'natural experiment' Craigslist's arrival in different cities and different counties at different times made it possible to isolate the effects of the matching platforms; the phased rollout amounted to a 'natural experiment.' (Other matching sites, like Grindr or Tinder, have tended to become available across broad areas all at once, although neither of those platforms existed when this study was done, and Craigslist remains the largest).HIV prevention efforts tend to focus on the highest-risk populations, such as the economically disadvantaged, but public-health officials should be aware that online platforms may be 'changing the game,' says Agarwal.Perhaps most surprising of all, given the relatively high rates of infection among bisexual and homosexual men, there was not a statistically significant difference in HIV infection rate increases across men and women.This site is also shown with the 5th wheel in it at the top of this page.Even though Site #10 is the next in line, there is an extra large amount of space between these sites, along with large boulder groups between them.Site #9 is the only site in the main section of the no-hookups that is reserveable online.

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