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In this article, only data on young people are reported: 16–35- year-olds, which is a range used in a number of low and middle income countries, to take account of the levels of autonomy and opportunities available within the specific development contexts []. Data were collected by a team of community-based data collectors able to communicate in relevant languages (Bahasa Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil).

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This was followed by a health baseline survey in 2013.

The responses to these questions will underpin any future longitudinal research on adolescents’ transition to adulthood and its influence on obesity-related behaviours.

SEACO is a health and demographic surveillance site (HDSS) located in Segamat District, Johor, Malaysia.

The pattern of overweight and obesity in the 16–35 age group further highlights this as a significant period for changes in health-related behaviours.

Further longitudinal research is however needed to confirm the observed pattern and investigate causal factors.

Socio-demographic data collected included: age; sex; ethnicity (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli or Other); education (primary; secondary; tertiary) and employment.

Physical activity was measured using the WHO Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ).Obesity often results from the cumulative effects of years of eating patterns and physical inactivity established at a younger age.In this regard, the transition from adolescence to early adulthood is a critical period [].During these formative years, peer influences, transition from school to higher education or employment, new found independence and exposure to new foods, behaviors and environments create a complex ecological system that adolescents navigate and that influences future behaviours.Population-based studies on obesity and other NCD risks are beginning to build an evidence base.How does physical activity vary across the different ethnicities and age groups?