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Soaring, lyrical melodies and emotionally driven performance create a dynamic experience of original music, traditional Sephardic songs, jazz standards, folk, and more.

As always, an exquisite corpse will be composed on typewriters throughout the event and will be performed periodically during the performance.

She has given dozens of readings, including on WYEP’s Prosody, WRCT’s A Live Show, and as a 20 member of the Steel City Slam Team.

She organizes numerous poetry and music events, including the CLP Sunday Poetry & Reading Series, for which she edited Natural Language: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Sunday Poetry and Reading Series Anthology. Deena November graduated SUNY Binghamton in 2005 with a BA in Creative Writing, Poetry and received her MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry from Carlow University in April 2009.

Stephanie Bercht A crafty quirky individual at heart, Steph is a Brazilian who moved to the States to pursue her studies in arts and design.

She got hooked by hooping during her studies in 2008.

This just in: local artist Matty Freebles will be doing a live painting of the performance throughout the night!

CIRCUS Laura Lantz Laura is fascinated by the relationships between play and discovery.Whether it is miming, juggling, acrobalance, sideshow, or just clowning around, O’Ryan is always happy to have it be part of Some Kinda Circus.Gary Jackson Becoming an artist has been a journey that has taken me through many times, places and worlds as I seek the truths inherent in life as I see it – a work in progress.From ballet to martial arts, pole dance, and slack rope walking, she is constantly learning new things and looking to share the fun with others!In January 2010, inspired by the variety of Pittsburgh-based circus arts groups, Laura joined with David Doyle and Stephanie Bercht to create a grassroots collaboration of local performers: Some Kinda Circus.My career began in my younger years when I practiced a variety of visual and performing arts such as sculpture, painting, photography, dance and music.