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That really colored my performance for the early episodes of this season. Drew Wu, thinks things are going to get nuts: “I think season four was big turning point. I do have a little bit more technique, more practice, and that’s exciting to work with as an actor, I get use new weapons and have new character traits, and it’s fun to see the character grow.

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Bitsie Tulloch: “We were actually syndicated at the beginning of season four by TNT, we’ve been on since January, so it’s really not about the hundred because we were already in syndication, so hitting a hundred episodes is more about the triple digit milestone, it’s so crazy. I remember the day of the pilot episode it was me and Russell, Silas and David on the rooftop of The Nines having a drink and I told them that night that we would go a minimum of a hundred episodes and the boys were like “No, I don’t think so” and I said “Mark my words, we’re going to go five seasons.”” Silas Weir Mitchell: “Every year, at least the first three years, there’s always the question “Are we going to get renewed? ” But after the second year you know you’re going to get three. What I remember is when we were shooting, I think it was episode six of the first season was the night the pilot aired.But once the international buzz started hitting I realized we had something that could get us here, and I think it was the middle of season two during the holidays where I was travelling and people knew my first and last name for the first time in my career. This medium is changing so quickly that I don’t anyone from the top to the bottom know what to expect.It wasn’t just “oh you’re the guy.” It was “oh, you’re Russell Hornsby.” And I was like “excuse me? ” That was deep to me, and that was when I knew we had something.” Sasha Roiz: “I never thought the show was going to get picked up, so I’m surprised we’re here. Even twenty two episodes is a dinosaur, so everyone is just holding on to their seats from the top brass to the actors, cause we don’t know what’s going to be the next big change, so the fact that we’ve weathered the storm this far is outstanding.We’re also trying to – and I’ve loved this from the beginning – trying to tie things in to our true world. It’s going to be as awkward as can be, you’re the mother of my child but you’ve tried to murder my aunt, I don’t know what to do with you, so it informs all my decisions as an actor, and she’s fantastic.” 8. Silas Weir Mitchell: “(Making the show) feels like putting on an old shoe.The more that they cross over with our human history and reality I find it’s a much more effective show. And it’s a rare thing in life when you get to be as comfortable in something that is really hard work, and that’s nice.When asked about her involvement with season five, Bitsie Tulloch left us with this: “I can’t say.” 3.

It’s a dark road ahead for Detective Nick Burkhardt. it’s dark for Nick Burkhardt, the inciting event of season five, the death of my girlfriend and the beheading of my mom, what?

Silas Weir Mitchell: “It’s great to have a team, but of late it’s all seven of us in every scene. A three person two page scene you can shoot in three hours, a seven person two page scene? And even though for about ninety percent of the show he’s been on the side of the good guys, no one trusts him, the audience doesn’t trust him, so keep it that way.

I like this guy being unpredictable.” Reggie Lee on joining the Scooby gang: “The cool thing is that I can help with the police side of things.

It was an uphill battle for a minute, we had to fight for storylines, we had to figure the crew out, and we finally figured it out and now it’s a joy to come to work. And the writing is still interesting and they’re doing different stuff.” 9.

David Giuntoli learned how to act over the last five seasons.

It’s been really fantastic, but there’s been a learning curve, I still get freaked out, and hopefully there’s a ways more to go.” Claire Coffee on also joining the Scooby gang: “It’s awesome.

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