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It's also being said there are shots of her completely naked.

The superhero show — which starred Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum — ended up lasting 10 full seasons despite losing a few cast members along the way.As for Kristin, she has been happily dating her boyfriend Mark Hildreth since 2004. When Tom married Jamie in July 2002, he invited the Smallville cast, which included Kristin Kreuk, to the wedding.As of 2011, the Wellings are still happily married.So she's sort of pursuing him and he's backing off, which is different than it's usually been." Despite Clark's personality change, both Lana and her friend Chloe (Allison Mack) have a familiar pattern: each pining in her own way for Clark.Kreuk's least favorite episodes have revolved around the women quibbling over the same man.Many of you will be extremely surprised to learn that a lot of famous faces found their way onto the show over the years, and many others ALMOST could've landed coveted roles! we have a Fortress of Solitude filled with Smallville goodies for you right here! ) So if you feel the need to go up, up, and away, then we urge you too…

CLICK HERE to check out the gallery, actress glowed in a blush-colored, sequined one-shoulder dress and beige peep-toe pumps. An evil witch cast an eeeevil spell on the heads of the CW network.

"I think that issue is totally universal for women, as sad as that is," Kreuk said.

"But they want to keep that triangle alive." While Lana and Clark try to sort out their future, Chloe will focus this season on her new reporting job with the Daily Planet and her first assignment from her boss, Lionel Luther (John Glover: to investigate Clark Kent's true identity.

We're not so sure about that powder blue clutch, but we know the beast would growl if he saw her in this outfit. This nasty enchantment caused the innocent network heads to consider canceling REALLY GOOD new shows, like their freshman fans! The network has decided to give the fairytale drama a WHOLE season pick-up!

After a HUGE spike in the rating last week, the Kristin Kreuk / Jay Ryan starring series will broadcast a nine more episodes this year.

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