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"Criminal offenders who have stable housing, stable employment and support systems in their lives, those people are less likely to go on and commit new crimes," Dr. Sex offender residency restrictions were approved in Iowa in 2002, though the law was put on hold pending the outcome of a court case.In 2005, the state Supreme Court upheld the law there.

But after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit against the county this month, Mr. "There's plenty of places for people to live." Even if there are "plenty of places for people to live," those who have studied the issue know that residency restrictions push sex offenders outside of metropolitan areas into rural communities.

Law enforcement opposition Almost from inception, law enforcement entities have been fighting to get it repealed, said Corwin Ritchie, the executive director of the Iowa County Attorneys Association.

The prosecutors' group issued a policy statement on the issue, outlining what it sees as numerous problems. Gastgeb to write the local law was influenced by listening to many parents in Mt. They were outraged last year to learn that a convicted sex offender was living near Howe Elementary School in the Sunset Hills neighborhood.

Many students walk to and from school, she said, which makes them more vulnerable. Another neighbor, Bill Crock, who has four children, believes the residency restriction should stick.

"There were children passing his residence at any time of the day," Ms. "From what I've read, these guys don't get better," he said.

"With the reliance on sex offender registries, we do parents a disservice," she said.

In this piece, she contrasts the usual image we have of an online predator (middle aged guys lurking on Club Penguin) with the reality (teens talking sex with each other, or with adults that they KNOW want sex).Gastgeb learned that the law actually applies to all registered sex offenders, no matter their victims' ages. That means less access to family, housing, employment and treatment programs, said Dr. Levenson, a professor at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., who has been studying sex crime policy for six years.The ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of six sex offenders who said they could not find anywhere to live because of the restrictions. Gastgeb said he would amend the law so that it applied only to sex offenders whose victims are children. "I do think it's legally sound, and I do think we'll prevail in court," Mr. "At first glance, these laws sound good in theory," she said."But it's much more complex than that." The visceral reaction of "not in my neighborhood," needs to be balanced with pragmatism, she said.Part of the problem, she continued, is that residency restrictions are often one-size-fits-all.In addition, residency restrictions have made it less likely for people charged with sex offenses to plead guilty, for fear that they will lose their homes. "It's just politically untenable." Soon after Iowa's law went into effect, a small panel of legislators who wrote it told Mr. "The general public doesn't really care if it's good public policy," Mr. Last week, parents there continued to support the residency restriction law.

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