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Co-authors of Dating In Black & White Adonis & Heather Lenzy share 5 Dating Tips.

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In this groundbreaking manual, The Dating Black Book, you're going to learn about women, attraction, and relationships like never before.They often stay unmarried for the opposite reason: they have too many options.As one man told Mr Banks: “If you have four quality women you're dating and they're in a rotation, who's going to rush into a marriage?In fact, the Stanford professor of family law has merely written a book called “Is Marriage for White People?How the African-American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone”.But by far the most common reason seems to be that black women still regard intermarriage as tantamount to betraying the race.

“My black heart,” says one black woman as she contemplates marrying out, “I would need to turn it in.” “We know it's a struggle,” says another, “but we women got to stand by the black man. The collapse of marriage among blacks is well documented (see chart), but not the sexual, psychological, emotional and social toll this has taken on black women. About one in ten black men in their early thirties are in prison.As a group, black men have also fallen behind in education and income, just as black women have surged ahead.To help us continually offer you the best experience on help us manage the site, we and carefully selected third parties will store some information on your computer using cookies.Only by allowing us to store cookies on your computer can you browse the website and see the entire range of our great products.But abuse is what you get for suggesting, as Mr Banks does, that black women—not only the “most unmarried” group in American society but also the one that least intermarries with other races—should look to white, Latino or Asian men as potential mates.