Sex sites in durban

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Sex sites in durban

One woman who claimed to frequent the club told that the girls who did find clients did not always pay the R100 alcohol fee."It is all about taking part of the sailor's coin," says Trotter.

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While most of the girls in the Riviera pass themselves off as locals from the Durban area, many are from 'up country' towns such as Newcastle, or neighbouring Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

For the women, the great escape often comes in the form of anonymity: sex with foreigners at a discreet downtown location.

Unlike in brothels, they operate as independent agents with greater control over the price and location of the sexual 'contract'.

With shore leave dwindling to only a few days, Durban's last remaining sailors' sex club is struggling for business, but for the women who work there it's a safer bet than being out on the streets Night casts an extra film of neglect over downtown Durban.

The dark rows of shuttered-up stores and closed iron gates are broken only by the neon of an occasional fast food joint and the illuminated window of an ATM; the streets are all but deserted.

No pimps are involved, nor does the owner act as the girls' manager.

Instead, he makes his money from steeply priced alcohol. they know where to find us"Tony is very much a businessman," says Trotter.These often take place in a nearby one- or two-star hotel, in cheap apartments rented by the girls, or other flats owned by third parties."Many of these women are smart and savvy about their line of work," says Sally-Jean Shackleton of the non-governmental organisation Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT)."If they can maintain their independence, they are that much more able to ensure their safety." The dockside sex workers operate under a system of 'safety through surveillance', giving them an advantage over prostitutes working the streets or in brothels.The club register is used to track sailors should anything happen to one of the girls."While he needs the girls to attract the sailors, the business of sex is almost ancillary." If the women decide to leave early, before 2am – whether or not they 'hook' a sailor – they know to leave R100 at the bar, alcohol 'rent' that the club might otherwise have benefited from.