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“Among those who prepared the modules are psychologists because we want to ensure that specific topics for discussions will be made in the appropriate year levels,” she said.

In addition, about 5.2 million school-age children are not enrolled in education, while 11 mothers die each day due to pregnancy-related causes.The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), which in the past has succeeded in blocking a proposed law that would have provided public funds for information on and access to artificial birth control, quickly voiced its opposition to the programme, and demanded that it be scrapped on moral grounds.It also argued that sex education was better taught in the privacy of the home, not in the public sphere. Sex should be taught as a gift from God and not just the physical aspect of it.”Combating poverty and HIV The UN, in a statement on 18 June, meanwhile threw its weight behind the programme, pointing out that the Philippines was a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child that obliges it to ensure adolescent girls and boys are given accurate and appropriate information on how to protect their health and practise sexually safe behaviours.Conde said the announcements by the Duterte administration were positive signs but cautioned the Church had successfully stymied efforts by previous governments, so it was too early to tell if Duterte's plans would be fully implemented.The Best Site For Filipina XXX Welcome to Philippine!The influential Roman Catholic Church is demanding the plan be scrapped, but the cash-strapped government is struggling to contain an annual population growth rate of more than 2 percent.

Education Secretary Mona Valisno said she was open to meeting church leaders about the sex education campaign, which was launched this week at the start of the school year.

But even worse is that the incidence of HIV among youth has increased five-fold just over the past two years, the UN said.

, a current affairs magazine, is frank about why South Korean men go play golf in Southeast Asia: “The reason a wife is not happy about her husband leaving for Southeast Asia is because everything is done according to the rule.

Suspects are police officers in the country’s anti-narcotics division.

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has since had to apologize to South Korea.

A controversy is raging in the Philippines over a sex education programme aimed at cutting the population growth rate, which is blamed for massive poverty in the Southeast Asian country of about 92 million.

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