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Fifty years later, the popular Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi made her story into a drama of a "tigerish woman" of "unrelenting pride." In a combined effort by two of the greatest literary talents of the era, Friedrich von Schiller translated the play into German as (1722 French translation Les Mille et un jours by François Pétis de la Croix – not to be confused with its sister work The Book of One Thousand and One Nights) – where the character of "Turandokht" as a cold princess was found.Puccini first began working on Turandot in March 1920 after meeting with librettists Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni.

Soprano Rosa Raisa, who created the title role, says that Puccini never pronounced the final t.On the other hand, Simonetta Puccini, the composer's granddaughter and keeper of the Villa Puccini and Mausoleum, has said that the final t must be pronounced. In the Venetian dialect of Carlo Gozzi the final syllables are usually dropped and words end in a consonant, ergo Turandott, as the name has been made Venetian.In 1710, while writing the first biography of Genghis Khan, the French scholar François Pétis de La Croix published a book of tales and fables combining various Asian literary themes.On 10 October he was diagnosed with throat cancer and on 24 November went to Brussels, Belgium, for treatment.There he underwent a new and experimental radiation therapy treatment.Puccini and his wife never knew how serious the cancer was, as the news was revealed only to his son.

Puccini, however, seems to have had some inkling of the possible seriousness of his condition since, before leaving for Brussels, he visited Toscanini and begged him, "Don't let my Turandot die".

By March 1924 Puccini had completed the opera up to the final duet.

However, he was unsatisfied with the text of the final duet, and did not continue until 8 October, when he chose Adami's fourth version of the duet text.

To obtain permission to marry her, a suitor has to solve three riddles; any wrong answer results in death.

Calaf passes the test, but Turandot still refuses to marry him.

Decades later, percussionist Howard Van Hyning of the New York City Opera had been searching for a proper set of gongs and obtained the original set from the Stivanello Costume Company, which had acquired the gongs as the result of winning a bet.

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