Like tinder but no facebook

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Like tinder but no facebook - speed dating roxy parramatta

So far I have listed the best ways to maintain your Dating privacy in Tinder by restricting its access on Facebook.There is no direct way available for “Tinder without facebook” yet i hope you will be satisfied by the above methods and I just wanted to convey friends that we are working hard for any updates in this topic so that we can provide those information to you friends.

Force quit the Tinder application which means double tapping home button on your device and swiping the application up to close it out completely.So that is why people prefer Tinder without Facebook.Moreover some people may don’t want their fb profile picture for their Tinder account picture.This problem also happens many time and this problem is a little bit confusing.Since you sync the two accounts you should think of that after linking them and if any change made on the Facebook account would show up on Tinder. Once the sync is completed then they will be completely separated and there won’t be any data sharing between the two apps.You can use that security options of Facebook to prevent Tinder from accessing your profile and friend lists.

If you go through the Facebook very well, you can know more about the privacy options and by increasing the privacy option we can restrict the access of the third party applications so that the Tinder will also be restricted which maintains the Dating privacy very well.

You can follow the below steps to increase your privacy options that will become likely Tinder without Facebook.

Friends, if you don’t want Tinder to access the above listed information then you need to create a fresh and separate Facebook account for the purpose of using the Tinder application.

So this is the primary and very important reason that makes people think that not to link Tinder with Facebook.

Dating is something where people want themselves to be away from the public and requires more privacy.

Now lets get in to some reasons why it is better a Tinder without Facebook.