What steps are involved in rb sr dating

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What steps are involved in rb sr dating

Strontium isotope measurements are therefore routinely corrected by measuring the (fractionated) Sr) using the appropriate mass dependence of fractionation.This process is inherently incapable of distinguishing between natural and mass spectrometer generated fractionation.

This prompts the rather cumbersome suggestion that a complex process of vaporization and condensation had been responsible (i.e.

Since this type of isotopic fractionation was first studied in the gaseous phase, equations governing its behaviour were first described in terms of gases.

The relevant equation Although the diffusivity ratios of strontium isotopes in silicate melts have apparently never been measured, they should be comparable with calcium.

Such mixtures also produce elevated Sr as the y-axis of the ‘isochron’.

So how can Rb-Sr ‘isochrons’ be explained in the context of a young Earth?

In the magma (a) the concentration gradient is confined to the narrow zone at the contact, and extends only several cm at the most.

For the rock (b), the concentration gradient is confined to the contact between the solution and the rock.

each element’ isotopes being fractionated during separate episodes).

Furthermore, magnesium-isotope anomalies within inclusions of the Allende meteorite show a linear relationship between Al is invoked.

Specialized procedures have to be followed to circumvent the ratio-normalization procedures.

The new model for heavy-isotope fractionation, developed in this work, avoids any situation where one isotopic ratio is used to correct another.

The possibility of isotopic fractionation as an explanation for differences in Sr has been proposed to both authors on many occasions.

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