A dating site for 14 year olds

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A dating site for 14 year olds - sane liwnet

Alongside graphic profile pictures of children, forums addressing troubling topics can be found on the site, which has been linked to several cases of rape and sexual assault against teenager.These included a forum asking: “Do You Like To Cut Yourself?

In November 2012, Ryan Palmer was charged with aggravated statutory rape of a child for allegedly assaulting a teenager he met on In its terms and conditions, states its “private messaging system is built to detect a huge range of suspicious sexually explicit keywords...[to] see if any users are trying to engage in any illegal or inappropriate activity”.Of the 400 people who took part, it found as many as 29 per cent admitted they had been in touch with someone over the age of 18.Of those, 72 per cent said the person who contacted them online had known their real age.Hannah Broadbent, director of policy and strategy at Childnet, an organisation designed to make the internet safer for young people, said: “When it comes to using the internet we make young people think about the way they are sharing information with people.”Ms Broadbent warned that the use of sites like this that use GMS technology to determine a user’s location were putting young people at risk.

“Obviously they are a range of concerns around young people meeting up with someone they have met on a dating site.Though many of these services—like Ok Cupid, Grindr, and Match.com—are only available to users 18 and over, teens like Becca have gotten involved through Tinder, which has no age restriction.In fact, co-founder Justin Mateen recently disclosed that more than 7 percent of Tinder users are between 13 and 17, a significant chunk considering 35-to-44-year-olds constitute just 6.5 percent.Her date for the evening, however, was someone she'd only known in person for a few weeks."I met him in real life unintentionally," she says.We use the internet to keep in touch with friends, so it isn't a big stretch to want to meet new people that way."Not everyone is looking for love though. The app has advantages since a limited amount of personal information is revealed and, unlike a site like Ok Cupid, you have to approve who can initiate contact with you.

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