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If you have new information, please share and thanks in advance.If you're speculating as opposed to stating a fact, please clarify, like R40 said.

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The best thing he can do if he wants to continue riding the fame, is publicly say that he is single, and wants to keep it that way, as he has to concentrate on his career right now, and it would be selfish to expect a 'partner' to have to put up with that blah blah.

R1[quote] 'The best thing he can do if he wants to continue riding the fame is publicly saying that he is single and he wants to keep it that way...'Instead of that, Heughan is feeding the batshit crazy samcait shippers.

Today he has liked several shippers tweets like this one: His "virtual bearding" is ridiculous.

If a deluded fangirl comes here to post something vacuous and homophobic address that poster. I also don't believe that he is pretending that Cait is his girlfriend.

Dear R41, you have a reading comprehension problem. The only ones that believe that live in a fantasy land. But I don't actually know it because I don't know him and there is no tangible proof.

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Then he'd have to pretty much become a monk, and actually stay away from anyone or anyplace that can be connected to "gay" activity.

But he needs to stop pretending he's straight and just be celibate.

That way, in a few years time when he decide he's famous enough to "come out" he won't have lied about his love life, and he won't be surreptitiously busted with blurry photo's kissing some guy at a concert or whatever.

It's either that, or he marries some beard & adopts 2 kids like some other superstar we know, and I'm pretty sure, probably pretty much lives a celibate life anyway.

As opposed to Outlander, there is tongue kissing and nipple sucking. Yeah, I'm a straight girl, but not seeing how that stage role looks real where as the OL love scenes are so hot and so real looking. haha R16, Real looking was his scene with Black Jack, the lavender scene.