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Find More Art Daily Deviations Critiques Critiqueable=2) ? So don't go complaining about it -.-'' especially not the backgrounds.

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball, Z, and GT and their characters belong to Fuji TV, Bird Studios, Akira Toriyama, and Toei.

Sorry, he's the reason I'll never finish a game like this .

I could draw pretty much everyone decently except him.

so, don't take my word for it Hello, Don't worry about it.

Thanks for the support even though this game is a few years old To answer your question:1.

It's just been too long since I've worked on it, I can't even really remember how I organized the frames since I just sorta did it as I went along.

I haven't really been into Bleach much anymore either so my inspiration sucks atm.What would have happened if Ichigo met "The Real Zangetsu" within the shattered shaft training?How would have this changed his life and the way he fought, the way he loved even? A/N: This story contains femslash, as well as the future implications of regular slash. He knew of his own potential demise, or his own potential e Emperor had a had chance to secure his future by bringing in the most dangerous enemy to his plans. Vege Bul Namek AU (minimal OOC) - What if Vegeta won the battle on Earth against the Z fighters, but at the last moment Bulma and the others arrived and she offered to help him track down the dragon balls on Namek, if he spared her friends?*fakename* *EVIL SMILE*Age: 23Gender: Male Language: Spanish (Primary), English (Secondary), Japanese (Noob), Anyother (Using Google Translator) x DRace: Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami, Saiyan, Jinjuriki, Mud-Blood, Pure Blood, Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, Demon, Nephilim, Plant, Animal, Planet, Alien, Hamburger, Bones, Inhuman, Skroll, Kree, Asgardian, Etc, Etc, Etc, Remind me of why do i have to write this * again?Favorite Stories to Read: Bleach Code Geass Assassin's Creed Death Note Naruto Attack on Titan Harry Potter Resident Evil Dragon Ball ZBleach x Naruto DC Comics Marvel Comics Devil May Cry Revenge/Hatred/Bashing type fics.Before I forget, it is slightly opossites attract Characters (c) Kishimoto [email protected] , you can enter room 1,2,3,4 and the locked [email protected] fix :3 , if you find any be sure to report, [email protected] Zetsu, Deidara, Tobi & Madara.