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As the band's new single -- "Beekeeper's Daughter" (out Jan.

The 40-year-old actress and Toni, 42, were joined by co-star Tyson Ritter, director Catherine Hardwicke, as well as Cuba Gooding Jr.A criminal has moved in to take advantage of the minimal remaining resources, kidnapping women and killing anyone who stands in its way.Will Brittain, Natasha Bassett, James Russo, Bill Tangradi and Jonathan Rosenthal are also starring.That was the catalyst for a lot of the songs [on the new record]."No one mentions drugs or alcohol, but Ritter got himself out of town, moving (or in his words, "escaping") to New York.When it came time to start the next album, the band looked for a collaborator who'd let their raw edges show."We definitely in the past have been so preoccupied with technical perfection that maybe it got in the way of the vibe a little," Kennerty said.

"We strived to capture vibe first and foremost." That meant opening up to finishing songs in the studio, a first for the previously well-prepared quartet.

After all, the quartet have never been underground darlings: they made their chart debut with 2003 single "Swing, Swing" and have climbed the rankings ever since, peaking in 2008 with "Gives You Hell," a single from their third album, "When the World Comes Down." The track blazed all the way to No.

4 on the Hot 100 and landed the top spot on the top 40 chart.

So hopefully that happens." Three years later, it remains to be seen if the pop charts are ready to be given "Hell" again -- a question Ritter thinks has helped keep many of their peers from matching their longevity.

"[The] music climate has changed so much for bands, especially bands with guitars in their hands…

Mulvey, Ritter, Kassen and Street are repped by CAA.