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And so the Brits and Americans team up on a worldwide search for the missiles, terming it Operation Thunderball.But M has a few hunches about the hijacking, and sends Bond to the Bahamas to investigate any potential leads.

Once again he toyed with the idea for “killing off” Bond in Thunderball.If this was to be Bond’s final adventure, it would be on a grand scale.And it’s truly grand—the atomic weapons could be anywhere in the world, and although we know Largo is the man behind Plan Omega, Bond has no way of knowing.If the money is not paid in time, SPECTRE will destroy a valuable piece of property.If, after that, the money is still not paid, a major city will be annihilated.So M decides that Bond has got to look after his health more.

And he sends him off to the Shrublands health clinic to regain his strength, get off the alcohol and cigarettes, and get back on the track to good health!

There, Bond meets Dominetta “Domino” Vitali, the current mistress of Emilio Largo…

who just happens to be the man in charge of Plan Omega. I remember when I first read Thunderball, I noticed that there was an acknowledgment that the novel was based on a story that Ian Fleming and some other people (I didn’t care who they were, to be honest) had written.

He’s truly a larger-than-life character, and his naming suggests that Fleming was all-too-aware of it.

Also, he’s one of the first Bond villains to murder someone at an Evil Villain Board Meeting For the Purpose of Delivering Exposition.

Much of the book is concerned with Bond trying to get enough evidence to take decisive action and not look like a fool back in London.