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We even sent the Army a note that we were writing this blog post. For example: the program has a 94-percent accuracy rate in answering questions and the average user interacted with the program for 10.4 minutes.The Army can’t argue that none of the records we requested can be released. Star’s individual responses are already publicly available on the Internet, provided a user enters all of the possible questions into the chat interface, so there’s no reason the script should not be available in aggregate. The fact that a private company can access this data, but the public cannot, raises questions about both privacy and government transparency.

Social commentators could create satire through augmented version of Sgt.We also asked for whatever analytical data might be available, such as the number of conversations Sgt.Star has had, the duration of those conversations, the general geolocation of the users (broadly), the number of conversations that resulted in direct communication with a human recruiter and any estimate of manpower saved by using the AI. From there, our request bounced to the Army Marketing and Research Group, a new division created in October 2012.We contacted programmer Bruce Wilcox, two-time winner of the Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence (a.k.a.“The First Turing Test”) for advice on what to ask for in a FOIA request. Star’s input patterns (all the phrases and keywords Sgt.A little boy got more than he bargained for when he asked his family's new Amazon Echo Dot to play him some of his favorite kid's songs.

A hilarious You Tube video sees a boy named William holding the smart speaker while asking the Alexa voice service to 'play digger, digger'.He is a chatbot—an artificial intelligence program designed to hold conversations—that was commissioned by the U. According to marketing materials, he has answered more than 11 million questions so far.Last year, we filed a request with the Army to see if we could obtain him, or elements of him, through the Freedom of Information Act.Star, all annual and quarterly reports that reference Sgt.Star, any audits, and any privacy policies associated with the program.The SGT STAR project (officially, it's all-caps) began in 2007 with a partnership between US Army Accession Command and the Spokane, Wash.-based company Next IT, which sells “intelligent virtual assistants” to businesses.

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