Engaged after 4 months dating

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"I guess her role is, she will be her father's eyes and ears at the White House.He doesn't need someone to be his eyes, he needs somebody to be his thumbs, so they can stop tweeting." The installation of the first daughter is puzzling, Kimmel said.

“New” as in they’ve maybe been dating seriously for a little more than three months. – that Laura and Ben are already making their red carpet debut as a couple?

Update: Now People Mag says they’re engaged, although they don’t seem to have a confirmation?

Scientology honey trap aside, I bet the sex is incredible. Ben usually looks so angry to me, but in these photos…

But things have heated up quickly between the young lovebirds — they packed on the PDA in his “Pillowtalk” music video, and even starred in their very own, super sexy and romantic couples spread for We have yet to get any actual confirmation of this engagement rumor (or see a ring, for that matter), but don’t forget…Zayn has already been engaged once before, to Perrie Edwards, so he’s definitely not scared to take things to the next level.

But would he really be willing to rush it when things clearly didn’t work out the first time?! Do you think Zayn and Gigi are engaged, Hollywood Lifers?

With all Democrats opposed, Republicans can lose 21 votes and still push the Obama Care replacement through, but according to , citing a GOP aide, says as many as 36 Republicans are opposed to the bill or not yet swayed in its favor.

President Trump has thrown himself into flipping enough votes to ensure passage, spending much of Tuesday encouraging, cajoling, and horse-trading with reluctant House Republicans in public and private.

Over the summer, we learned that Laura Prepon and Ben Foster had started dating quietly.

We learned this when Ben and Laura got pap’d on the streets of New York. Ben’s last high-profile relationship was his on-and-off engagement to Robin Wright, and Laura’s most high-profile romance was with Chris Masterson, because both Masterson and Prepon are Scientologists and Scientologists tend to date other Scientologists.

A friend and I were having a discussion the other day on the topic of marriage. Ive known people get engaged after 2 weeks and been married for many many years.

And how long were you engaged before you got married? There is no "time frame", its when you both feel ready, or you feel that your both ready.

I was merely curious what the rest of you thought after having a convo with a friend of mine over the weekend.

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