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NAVARRO: You play, in both cases—as different as those roles are—grounding, centering women who are involved with seemingly bad men. There are lots of reasons that I've dreamed up for myself about why she needs this person in her life.

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We did a cover of [the Rolling Stones'] "Sympathy For The Devil." It came about through my association with Kurt, and then my experience was a lot like my experiences with other guest roles that I've done.

And your experience is the trajectory of that cannonball: it begins and it ends, and it's over before you know it, and you've lived through something. But by the time it did, I was already sort of on the outside looking at it happen. The amount of quality and attention and the caliber of work happening is so high, and I feel the wider audience started to understand that that's where the artistry was happening, was on cable television.

In the last seven years or so, there's been this blossoming that I've sort of gotten to be in the middle of. With both of them, I remember having conversations with two different network executives: one at , we were shooting the pilot, and he was like, "Well, you know, it's probably just an art project, but we're all going to feel really proud of it at the end." And then an executive at FX was like, "Yeah, this show will have a little cult following. It's really not going to grow, we don't think." And then all of a sudden, it started to explode.

And as soon as I find that there's an intellectual nature to any programming that's above and beyond what we're used to as a viewing audience, I get pretty sucked in. When did you learn he would be joining you guys as a guest star? But I, however, wouldn't recognize you even if I saw you, even though I'm a big fan of your music. But it was still the early days of advertising versus where we are now. When you talk about recognizability and so forth, I've watched all of maybe three times back to back to back; I watched all the seasons in a row. You've had Clay [Ron Perlman] go from the president of the club to the outcast getting involved in different clubs. Whereas Tara seems, at first, resistant to what was going on within the environment. And I think she just again and again comes up against this choice, which is that to take this man means to accept this life.

And it wasn't until we were going to have a conversation that I even put together that you were the same actress playing the character [of Rachel Menken Katz] on , I've had a lot of people tell me that—that they never even put it together. I've always thought about it from the beginning as a really deep love story.

My wish for the show would be no commercials, so that there would be more time spent dwelling on psychological moments, and more time getting into the specificity of dynamics between people.

NAVARRO: You bring a relatability to some of the mass audience—they can see your character on the show and then put themselves in the position where they're in a professional work environment, and how they would feel and react if they had a foot in this world.That's the part struggle with, because when I arrive somewhere, I'm ready to go.And if there's more than 30 minutes that goes by, I lose any steam I had.Have you done a lot of other acting roles, or is this a new phase in your career?NAVARRO: Put it this way: if you watched the episode that I'm on, you may miss me.In many ways, without being able to do what I feel I need to do as an artist, I can't be who I am to my partner off the stage. My husband is really the first person with whom I have never felt that underlying feeling of conflict.

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