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You should not eat certain foods that would dislodge the brackets or wires, such as chewy candy, nuts or ice.

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Although adult teeth move slower than those of teenagers, orthodontic treatment varies with each patient and sometimes lasts only months rather than years.Still, the imagined horror of years in braces exceeds the shameful situation in their mouth.Are you someone who wishes you could flash a Hollywood smile in an online photo or on your next date?Active singles with braces reveal that kissing feels a bit different, but it’s not a problem. Lingual braces, installed on the inside of your teeth, are an option as well as clear brackets.If you want to make a bold statement, manufacturers offer designer and jeweled braces as well as brightly colored rubber bands.Objection: I’ve been afraid of dentists since childhood and don’t want to be scolded for a lifetime of dental neglect. Modern dentists and orthodontists realize that kindness works far better than tough love on patients.

Ask your friends or colleagues to recommend a dentist who specializes in gentle dentistry.

Brooks had no idea about the elegant ad, which features tasteful touches, such as red roses and the specification that he is looking for a wife with “proportional height and weight.” Rather, his 78-year-old father took it out on his behalf.

Brooks says he is “infuriated” with his father; however, he is not stopping him from interviewing women who answer the ad.

Objection: I can’t afford thousands of dollars for braces.

Orthodontic treatment costs vary due to length of treatment, cost of living in your location and the type of braces you select.

Most people think that adults with braces should be commended for their self-improvement efforts.

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