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Yesterday the former Miss Northern Ireland and Blue Peter star revealed online that she was engaged to Co Down butcher William Corrie.The 35-year-old posted a photograph of her hand in that of her fiancé's- complete with diamond engagement ring - taken on a beach in Barbados at the start of the month."I would like to share this wonderful surprise news with you all..." she wrote on Twitter and Facebook.

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The island is in the same area as the most recent 'civilian' series, but is not exactly the same one, so any hope of finding ready-made shelters were dashed.He lifted the silver cover of the plate to reveal the ring and a single red rose surrounded by rose petals.It was lovely." Zoe said the square cut diamond on a platinum band, designed by William, was "the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have ever seen" and goes well with her "gorgeous husband-to-be"."We hadn't talked about marriage, so when he proposed I was really surprised, and when he presented the ring I was doubly surprised," she added. I am in awe of the fact he wanted to be traditional and asked my parents - Joe and Priscilla - in advance.She is in London this week, hosting Penguin publishing house events with authors and then she will be appearing in pantomime next month in Windsor.Zoe is a huge fan of the monarchy and hopes some of the royal family might pop in to see her as Cinderella at the Theatre Royal in the town from December 2."It is right beside Windsor Castle," she said.I would love that."Congratulations have been flooding in for Zoe and William.

ACA model agency boss Alison Clarke, wife of Major-winning golfer Darren, is a close friend of Zoe, who has been on her books since winning Miss Northern Ireland in 1999."I was thrilled when Zoe told me they were engaged," Alison told the Belfast Telegraph."She is one of my best friends, as well as working for me.

I am a traditional girl."The couple want to marry soon but no details have been confirmed as yet, except that the wedding will be in Northern Ireland next year.

"There are so many beautiful places I have been fortunate to travel to, but I am such a home bird, it has to be at home," Zoe said."I love it.

The Island with Bear Grylls is getting a celebrity makeover to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer.

Ten celebrities are ditching their home comforts to try their hand at surviving on the Channel 4 show.

They fell in love and on November 1, William's birthday, he asked Zoe to be his wife while on a romantic holiday on the Caribbean island."He got down on one knee at our favourite beachfront hotel, Sandy Lane," Zoe explained.

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