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His older apartment was nice but he had to share it with two other fellas, and so he was contemplating getting a place of his own.

Ray was settling down after moving into a new house.

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After an interesting few days, Mike now believed he was bi-sexual.

He was going to continue to fuck women and enjoy forbidden sexual acts with men.

She almost shyly greeted her close friend “Suzette.” “Hi Suzette. Amanda knew that sensation, and opened the door wider.

“Please, come in.” “Thank you, Amanda,” Suzette said her confidence...

My hands clenched the polished oak chair arms in a vain attempt to suppress the soaring pulse rate.

For the umpteenth time I wondered why his unique presence deepened the throb...

Bright sunlight flooded the living room, but Josh was glad to be out of the searing heat, and reunited with the air conditioning.

Panting heavily he leant on the leather sofa, and dutifully stretched his legs.

It was our second day of hunting, and we were all eager to start our day.