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Jorja fox george eads dating - invalidating your own signature

he's cool but not very attractive and george is hot!! George Eads and Eric Szmanda relationship started to be out by not at all subtles blind itemd written by Billy Masters, Kristin Veitch, NY Post....around 2004.

The last clue "they'be doing more than oversleeping in bed!Oh, sure, at first they were just little social guy kisses but as the evening wore on (and the liquor continued to flow) you'd think it was a blue light special-no coupon required.One thing's for sure- they'd be doing more than oversleeping in bed! Wow, if you trolldar r18 you'll see this probably IS the George Eads Troll, no introduction needed.When CSI won at SAG Awards, George didn't kiss the beard; he waited for Eric Szmanda on stage and dry-humped him on live TV. Don't forget that George was fired from CSI in 2004. I think Szmanda may have a male partner, and Eads could be gay and bearding, but there seems to be more a cult of hope that they were ever real life partners than it actually being so.Eric Szmanda was not invited to the Tour of the Stars because he wasn't a regular cast member yet. I think the body language in all those pics is very telling and especially in the Brazil pics, George and Eric look gay from the space.[r18] The person who had the conversation with me was not trying to protect them--that much I can vouch for. There's just not even the whispers for it and Musto may easily have been misinformed, mislead or quite simply got the vibe wrong. You just have to troll-dar the comments from The George Eads Troll posted on this thread.I know the cast isn't exactly A-list but isn't it kind of a big deal that actors on such a popular show are gay and not bearding (I'm talking about Jorja and Eric) but rather in actual same-sex relationships.

I'm sure they live their personal lives openly yet they aren't exactly "out" to the public, but I think it would be awesome if they would be.

"oversleeping": George was fired from the show in 2004, supposedly because he overslept. thats funny as hell, but hey, whatever floats their boat.

This BI was posted everywhere and just two months later, George started to "date" Monika. but even though george may be gay i dont see him going for eric.

R24, as ever, if it's a civil marriage it should be a matter of public record and therefore pretty easy to find? She had met personally George and Eric and said how they usually shared the same room and they were a couple.

Then again of course rings can be worn just for significance/sentiment with no legal attachment. Regarding Billy Masters, I don't think that he is 'misinformed' or 'misleaded' as you and R29 would like to think. R29 is the SAME fangirl who posted on the George Eads thread claiming thay "she didn't have a dog in this hunt and that she once had met an old lesbian who confirmed her that 'George Eads has a girlfriend".....*ROLLS EYE*And now she's trying to turn Archie Kao gay.........(anything is better that your adored George Eads being gay, right?

I remember seeing pics in People of them on the town, going to premieres together, etc, when that show was on. I also remember reading a blind item at the time about two Savannah co-stars, male and female, who were secretly hooking up despite the guy's dating another female costar.

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