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I tremble as I picture him, naked between my thighs,but I cast my eyes to the ground and carefully avoid the strangers eyes.

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In my mind my legs are wrapped so tightly round your back,you fill me up and pump so hard, my vision’s turning black.

Walking through the park one morn and suddenly there you are,appearing in my mind as if you’re here and not so far.

My body is aflame for you, burning with desire,each time I wonder when we meet, what passion will transpire.

Luscious and remarkable, my voice can make a man shiver and my eyes can make a saint turn into a sinner! So on my to do list, next to you :p, are a couple of crazy ideas and fantasies, like having sex at a high altitude on a bridge.:p I have waaaay to many fantasies I wanna act, wanna help me try a couple of them?!

I am a stubborn, wild, and crazy Aries, is your sign compatible with mine? I can be mean or I can be sweet; I can be evil or I can be your deepest hidden all depends on you! : P Food play, having sex in public, dancing naked :p that sort of things. Also, my big fantasie is to walk into a big parking lot, choose a certain car without knowing who's driving it.

A copse of trees, there, to my left, would be the perfect place,for us to hide and send each other into outer space.

Towards me now, here comes a man, smiling at me,stranger sex could scratch this itch and set my passion free.Imagine that I am the woman of your dreams and you have all my attention from all those people in the room, what would you do ? Before working here I did not knew I could be so sexual and open minded, but this helped me find out and it still does.My journey has not come to an end, i just begun to explore the path in front of me.My knees go weak, my heart begins to drum a faster beat,all my strength goes into staying upright on my feet.People pass me by, oblivous to what is on my mind,in my imagination you are taking me from behind.Hurry home to me baby, I need to see you soon, I’ve got a special present I’ve been saving up for you!

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