Choosing others dating and mate selection

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Choosing others dating and mate selection - Freesexdates

Finally, in the role stage, the partners work on their marital roles and their expectations.

1.2 Theories of Mate Selection A number of researchers have proposed various theories explaining the factors hat influence mate selection.

Thus, marriage decisions, available choices in marital market and preferences for desired mates reflect the whole spectrum of societal norms.

From sociological perspective marriage can be defined as: "The act by which a man and woman unite for life, with the intent to discharge toward society and one another those duties which result from the relation of husband and wife.

In a close field, they relate to each other in assigned roles.

In the second (value) stage, the partners learn about each other through self - disclosure.

Man is social by nature and cannot live in isolation.

But marriage is the only institution which recognizes and certifies these relationships with legal authority.Nye (1980) proposes a general theory called Choice and Exchange Theory, which incorporates the other isolated theories."Humans", he says, "seek the most profitable long - and short - term outcomes.Generally, these theories incorporate the idea that "humans seek rewards and avoid costs to achieve the most profitable or least unprofitable outcomes" (Nye, 1980, p.480).The Winch (1971) theory of Complementary Needs, for example, says that individuals marry those who can provide them with maximum need gratification.Further, the needs of one partner tend to complement the needs of the other.