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This year the festival will create a safe space that includes music, break-dancing, and graffiti battles.

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She has returned to this project each summer because it has given her the opportunity to inspire students to create art and mentor youth so that they can get the guidance they need to make better choices.

Santa Barbara Graduate Institute provides excellence in graduate education, research and leadership in prenatal and perinatal psychology and somatic psychology with a focus on wholeness from developmental, relational, and transpersonal perspectives.

The SBGICCSR, formed in 2002, is a non-profit organization associated with SBGI whose mission is to provide research, clinical studies and educate the public in prenatal and perinatal psychology and somatic psychology. This multi-year project’s goal is to build a systemic infusion of information, training and mentoring to multiple sectors of the Santa Barbara community based on the latest research and understandings of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health (PPN) in order foster our community’s human potential and set in motional optimal health and relationships from the beginning of life.

This year a second instructor, Lizette Garza, a third year Columbia College students majoring in music management, was brought on board to teach the Promo Pros interns.

In this After School Matters summer program a dedicated team of teens learn and apply lessons in marketing, branding and promotions for the We Are Hip-Hop Festival.

I do a thorough assessment to look for things such as gait deficiencies, poor nutrition habits and muscular or visual imbalances.

First, the disclosure: Proyecto Latina’s Irasema Gonzalez and Thelma Uranga are employed at Pros Arts Studio—the community arts organization that sponsors the annual We Are Hip-Hop Festival.Laura Najera, 17, a returning high school student is taking advantage of this summer program.She says, “It’s a fun experience and gets kids off the street.She likes to respond to these issues and “stick up for women and set them straight” through her music.The festival aims to spotlight Chicago hip-hop artists and Elizabeth hopes to show off her talents, “I want to put my music out there hopefully someone who hears my music says I like that and give me more opportunities to make it bigger in the music industry.I have been through it all as a collegiate and semi-professional soccer player.

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