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In 2000, Q made her film debut as Anna in the horror film Model from Hell, and went on to star as an FBI agent Jane Quigley in the action thriller Gen-Y Cops the same year.Her appearance in Gen-Y Cops impressed Jackie Chan so much that she was cast in Manhattan Midnight and Rush Hour 2.

Q attended Mililani Waena Elementary School and Wheeler Intermediate School.Q later said, "I had never done a day of martial arts in my life when I started in the business.I couldn’t even touch my toes." she started her acting career in the TV drama House of the Dragon, which was a huge hit in Asia.In 2002, she starred as martial artist assassin Charlene Ching in the action film Naked Weapon.In 2005, Q played Harmony in the German-Singaporean TV mini-series House of Harmony, opposite Fann Wong.But, it was in Hong Kong that she was selected by Jackie Chan, because he saw a potential action star.

His intensive training taught her the importance of professionalism and always doing her own stunts.

Rodriguez addressed recent concerns about the future of the farmland and said he plans to use the land for educational purposes.

“There clearly was an issue and consideration of what was going to happen to the Farm Center once it’s returned to the college,” Rodriguez said.

She played Zhen, the only female member of the IMF team.

In 2007, she appeared as Mai Linh in the Bruce Willis movie Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth film in the Die Hard series, and as Maggie in Balls of Fury.

In 2008, Q played fictional Cao Ying, a granddaughter of the warlord Cao Cao in Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, her first ancient Chinese costume performance.