Botswanasex places

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Botswanasex places

Mmabatho, with its extensive government buildings, became the capital of the new North-West Province.

However it also included a variety of other groups, including other Tswana groups, Kalanga, Ba Kgalagari, and Basarwa.However, this -ga- is omitted by many speakers, particularly in the eastern dialects.The term 'Bamangwato' seems to have been used, in the 19th and early 20th century, for the morafe as a whole, including Tswana of other totems and non-Tswana.65.) According to the linguist Desmond Cole, writing in 1955, the simple form Ba Ngwato is more recent than the forms which became Bamangwato: some of the cases where the tribal name derives from the name of a former chief, as most of them do, possessive forms are used, thus: (batho) bagamma Ngwato ((people) of the mother of Ngwato), (batho) baga Malete ((people) of Malete), (batho) baga Motlhware ((people) of Motlhware.Perhaps because of the use of Mafikeng for the settler town, the Barolong town is now often referred to as Mahikeng - the same word, but written according to the Se Rolong dialect.

which Indo-European speakers can think of as rather like a grammatical gender, but with prefixes instead of suffixes.

Noun classes are indicated by prefixes which are added to a noun stem.

Sometimes with proper nouns the stem is written with a capital initial to clarify the construction; thus: In these examples, bo- tends to indicate abstraction; while se- can indicate a language.

Whereas Indo-European genders are "masculine", "feminine" etc., however, Bantu noun-classes have no relation to sex. Thus kinship terms tend to belong to one noun class, inanimate objects to another, abstract concepts to another, etc.

This correspondence is not however always consistent (just as in Indo-European languages gender does not necessarily equate to sex).

In 1885 Warren established a settler town nearby, which was known as Maf, ed. Comaroff, 3rd ed., 1999) Mafeking is used for the settler town and Mafikeng for the Barolong capital.

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