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A lot of people, especially women, will try to claim this isn't true but they're full of it.

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I also met several who said I was "perfect on paper," but who "didn't feel any chemistry" and preferred to be "just friends." My own long-time single male friends were in the same boat, and we spent many an evening trying to figure out what, exactly, women wanted.Some people don't let a little oat bran get between them and, uh, you know... Surely there are other priorities that take precedence?? If you've read any of those "Find Your Best Place to Live" type of books, they have questionairres where you rate different "quality of life" parameters, which is used to determine which cities/areas would be most appropriate for you.For some people, agreeable weather is a top priority.To make a very long story short, one of my bachelor friends started dating a former coworker who was interested in him, but who wasn't his type.They dated for a couple years, much of that time half-heartedly on his part, but eventually his feelings for her changed.Oh yeah, Seattle is not great shakes either, at least compared to socal or Phoenix, but it's a lot better than Portland, M to F ratio runs about 3 or maybe 4 (men) to 1 (woman), not what I would call good but manageable, I've hung out in Seattle many times and manage to hook up fairly regularly, Portland it's much less frequent.

I don't mean this in a judgemental way, but if you've consistently been having trouble on the dating scene for that many years, it may have less to do with the city you live in, and more to do with yourself and the types of women you're choosing to date. I spent my 20s and 30s being attracted to a certain type (most of us have a "type") and having no success forming a lasting relationship.

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For others, job availablity is at the top of their list.

Why can't some people rate dating or availablity of partners highly, if that's what's important to them?

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