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donnaedmondson : Well, that is a very good question. My son is six, and I'm sure he will find out through his friends. :-) donnaedmondson : No, I wish my scar would fade away. I believe you should be a repeat Playmate, I know this is only a dream, but if Hef wanted to make someone else a repeat Playmate, I wish it will be you. I will post my video on my site on my upcoming marketplace, and I will take bids for the videos. Well, I know that you are all anxious to chat with Donna, so let's begin! I am really happy that you all remembered my birthday. rootnl2k : Saying hello to the ever-so-beautiful Donna Edmondson, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I've seen it advertised that the French "[email protected] Video Mag #7" has some pictures of her.. I very very envy the man knded,kied,niled and sued her glorious breasts hard.

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This is the last page of the issue, where the Next Month feature is usually located. donnaedmondson : smiles meatbeat : Donna will you be attending any Glamourcons? Bacchus Jr : Best wishes for you and your family, Donna. Come back tomorrow night when we chat with Liv Lindeland!!! My mom is married to the man that she left my dad for. donnaedmondson : Thank you very very sweet because there are lots of playmates out there so that is a big title to live up to. If they have one in Chicago again, I may fly up there for that. But if you want to write to me please do at Donna Edmondson P. Box 39386, Greensboro, NC 27438 wil : I understand why you would frame that Playboy photo of you with your Dad, but I would think you would have the engraving of your PMOY cover on prominent display in your home, too! It was great having you share some time with us today! goldfinger : Thank you for being here tonight, Donna. It was sure good catching up with and hearing how you have been these days and do hope that you come back soon! moderator : waves moderator : Thank you to all of you that attended this evenings chat with the lovely Donna Edmondson - Miss November 1986/PMOY! donnaedmondson : Well, I thought about it, and Playboy asked me for the Revisited when they were doing them. moderator : There will be a short delay..were on a cell phone with Donna while she was driving home from the doctor's office. My friend and I would sneak in his dad's bedroom and look at the Playboy magazine. pbcollector : I see you're not on the list to attend the Chicago Glamourcon, is there a chance you will make it to the Chicago show? I don't like to fly, and that is the reason why I am going to Atlanta so I can drive. donnaedmondson : Well, it really isn't true anymore, so I think they can get rid of that question! The trampoline was the most fun in the video shoot. babyface69 : Let me tell you a true story, when I was in pre-teens in 1986. They taped cardboard to my back to hold the dress in place. It is a very special part of my life, and I would do it all over again! donnaedmondson : No, I keep my license active but I am not actively selling. robert0259 : Donna, do you ever get tired of "virgin Playmate" questions? donnaedmondson : Hopefully a nice quiet dinner out with my husband! donnaedmondson : Well, they gave him some antibiotics so I wouldn't have to go to the drugstore. Hopefully that will give him an appetite, and he will eat something tomorrow. It's called "The Grind." babyface69 : Are you good friends with any Playmates? babyface69 : I would pick you the best Playmate there was over Pamela Lee and Jenny Mc Carthy! Needless to say, you will be one of the stars of the show.

robert0259 : Donna, somehow I can't see you slaving over a hot a good cook? m_henderson : Is the scarlet fever something they can treat in a doctor's office? john4044 : Donna, what were you thinking of when posing? john1971 : Donna, how long did it take to shoot your Centerfold? donnaedmondson : I think they did that in a couple of days. It was the first time that I had my makeup done professionally. robert0259 : Donna, if I wanted to take my vacation in North Carolina..sites would you recommend? Thanks for chatting tonight, you are truly one of the all-time greats. Goodbye Donna, it was nice chatting with you, and I hope you change your mind about coming to Chicago this May. Glamourcon this morning, and now I can hardly wait to head for Atlanta. When I was on the plane going to Japan, David Lee Roth was on the plane, and of course I didn't have my camera with me. john1971 : Is it awkward to sign nude photos of yourself at events like Glamourcon? I don't think I could have ever posed if I didn't agree with what I was doing. I wish I would have taken a camera with me when I was traveling, especially when I was in Japan. And I have a new baby, and that is a new project in all! I'm really not doing anything with Playboy right now, I wanted to do a Revisited, but I hear they stopped doing that for now. babyface69 : My friend's dad never got rid of the 1986 Playboy issue of you; he said you were the best there ever was. Doesn't Playboy do a feature on women who are 40 and older? donnaedmondson : Well, I am going to be at the Atlanta Glamourcon! Obviously if he is going to watch my three kids while I go to Atlanta, that means he is very supportive. robert0259 : Donna, since we are not getting any younger ourselves..really appreciate "older" natural beauties like you! A 33-year-old Donna Edmondson would still win PMOY in any year. The anti-pornography report of the Meese Commission had prompted all 7-Elevens to pull the magazine from their shelves.