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Member of Royal plus Frequent Flyer programme are offered Priority business class web check in, proffered boarding, preferred sitting, access to business class and frequent flyer lounges (with one guest), regardless of the class of service flown that day and other common services which are offered to passengers of Royal Plus Platinum.As a member of Oneworld, you are free to change frequent flyer programme rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers, and to end its frequent flyer programme in accordance with its relevant frequent flyer programme rules.

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There I was, being virtually groped in a snowy fortress with my brother-in-law and husband watching.

Last week I was groped in virtual reality — did you know that could happen? While visiting my brother-in-law last weekend, we decided to check out his HTC Vive, a virtual reality (VR) system.

My husband and I stood in his home in Redwood City, on an idyllic eighty degree day, the three of us taking turns on the Vive. I glanced one last time around the room before strapping on the massive headset, and into a world more beautiful than I could have imagined. Virtual reality had won me over, lock, stock and barrel. A few minutes later I started a new Qui Vr game, and hit multi-player mode.

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In keeping with their commitment to timeliness, Royal Jordanian Airline informs its travellers regarding any changes in flight timing via SMS to provide a seamless and pleasant experience to all their passengers.

Many benefits are offered to Royal plus Platinum passengers like.

Priority First Class or Business Class check-in Access to more than 550 airport lounges (with one guest) when travelling internationally*, including premium First Class, Business Class and frequent flyer lounges, regardless of the class of service flown that day.

My bow and arrow strung taut, I let an arrow fly and it punctured a demon right through the skull. Never had I experienced virtual reality that felt so To complete the reality of my experience, my brother-in-law directed me to the top of the highest tower in the game.“Now walk off the ledge,” he suggested. Keep that free floating hand in the back of your mind.

So, there I was shooting down zombies alongside another real-time player named Big Bro442.

Various luxurious facilities are also available for passengers of Royal plus Silver and Royal plus Blu.

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Turning around 360 degrees, I reveled in the snowy medieval fortress of a game called Qui Vr, where you play an archer shooting down the walking dead. In multi-player mode, other real-time players appear beside you.